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Some pressmen think there's magic in our little bottles...

There's no magic, but what these products do for lithographers is magical.

Rapid Blanket Restorer photo Enviro Blanket Restorer photo Blue Swell photo

Saves time, labor; helps pressmen print first class quality jobs.

Rapid Blanket Restorer Products quickly and effectively repuff low spots and gives new life to rubber blankets.

Saves time and labor of opening up the blanket.

Repuffs battered or compressed areas and brings blanket low spots back to their original height and velvety texture.

Especially effective where halftones, bendays and solids aren't properly kissing the plate.

Gives blanket a clean velvety texture that will print a good, sharp, dot.

Save labor and new blanket costs with proven Rapid Blanket Restorer Products, quality products used by small and large lithographers everywhere to give new life to blankets.