Rapid Blanket Restorer Corp. is pleased to offer the following terms to provide our products,

and RAPID BLANKET BLUE SWELL to your company.

NEW!! Off the shelf shipping!

Rapid Blanket Restorer

Enviro Blanket Restorer

Blue Swell

Suggested List Price




Dealer cost per bottle:

Contact company for product prices.

Shipping Quantities

2 - 4 dozen

6+ dozen


Twelve labeled bottles per carton. Carton to have product label on each end. Shipments in multiples of 2 dozen.


Bottle to be a 100cc bottle containing 3 fluid ounces of product with horsehair brush attached to cap.


F.O.B. Willoughby, Ohio.


1%/10, Net 30 days.


Rapid Blanket Restorer, Enviro Blanket Restorer, and Blue Swell labels on each bottle with instructions and safety data. Private labeling is available.


Fax (440) 256-6326, Telephone (330) 821-6326 (Live answering service) with company name, ship to address if company has more than one, purchase order number, product name and quantities.

NEW!! - To all Rapid Blanket Restorer Dealers

Off the shelf shipping for Rapid Blanket Restorer ONLY

Rapid Blanket Restorer has instituted a program of packaging its product with 2 bottles per box. It is designed for the situation where the product is shipped to the customer. It is not for the customer who purchases and carries.

This packaging lets the dealer's warehouse personnel ship the product by only placing a shipping label on the box. The box is already marked with the proper shipping marks and labels required by the Code of Federal Regulations.

  • There are no hazardous paper requirements for shipping with this packaging.
  • There is no chance of human error in marking shipping containers improperly exposing dealers to fines.
  • There is increased efficiency with no need to open regular boxes and repackage for shipment.
  • There is no need to buy additional packing materials and time to do the packaging.

Yes, customers may want something different than two bottles but we have found that they will learn to buy in multiples of two with the shelf life being more than six months.

We have the 2 bottle boxes packaged 12 per shipping carton for a total of 24 bottles per shipping carton. The price is $5.90 per bottle. The extra cost per bottle is there but it is justified for the reasons listed above - no errors in marking and no cost of repackaging! Can you repackage for the $1.80 extra per 2 bottle box?.

If you ship to your customers consider buying one box of 12 x 2 in addition to your next regular order to try it out. If it is not for your dealership at least you will have tried it out.